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Keith Fletcher

Vice President

Business Improvement

Economic Development

Technology Consulting

Keith Fletcher, a serious suit with a lifetime of major corporation experience (talking multinational stuff here!) but a bona fide techie through and through. For such a button-downed guy, he really has his head in the clouds!

Keith is the originator and driving force behind the Savannah Logistics Technology Corridor, one of the larger economic development projects in the State of Georgia.

Keith has been a C-level executive with multinational corporations for the past 30 years, Lowe Enterprises (8,500 employees and $8 Billion under management) , CurtCo media labs (50 major publications globally) for a few. He was also Director of Global Telecommunications and Far East IT for Phillips Van-Heusen. Keith has an extensive skill set encompassing both technology and operations.

Keith has in-depth experience in all aspects of technology from tablets to VOIP, from application development to deploying financial reporting systems. Keith has delivered full ERP systems, restructured accounting groups through improving procedures and systems, enhanced sales organizations with CRM applications and new sales procedures and policies.

Systems and policies are only a part of delivering value, bringing new lines of business to a company is a hallmark of a dedicated leader. Keith founded TenantConnect, a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), a phone and Data Company, while at Lowe Enterprises. This unit was created and fully running in 1998 and then sold in 2001 to Eureka GGN and Keith remained at the helm of the Lowe Enterprises technology unit after the sale.

Business systems are the core requirement for all technology and Keith has designed and implemented systems that are scalable, stable, secure, fast and cost-effective. These have been regional, national and global in scope with the thread of simplicity and performance woven into all of them.

Keith Fletcher: Team
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